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If the property that you are looking to buy or already reside in was built before the year 2000, it could contain asbestos. Having an Asbestos Survey undertaken in your home, could assist in:

  • Reducing the risk of exposing yourself, family or friends to asbestos.
  • Reducing the risk of contaminating your home with asbestos.
  • Saving time and money from unexpected delays, costs and liabilities.
  • Contributing to the feasibility of your investment in property.
  • Providing a risk assessment of asbestos containing materials found in your home.
  • Producing a summary of recommendations to manage asbestos identified in your home.
  • Planning and budgeting of any DIY, refurbishments or alterations of property that may be undertaken.
  • Producing a summary of asbestos materials that may be disturbed, by planned works.

An Asbestos Management Survey is the standard type of survey and would be undertaken if you were buying a new premises or was an existing home owner.

An Asbestos Refurbishment and Demolition Survey would be conducted if your home was being refurbished, altered or demolished. These should be completed, when possible, at least 4 weeks before works is due to commence.

Asbestos poses a serious health risk and when disturbed or damaged asbestos fibres become air-borne. Once inhaled, these fibres get into the respiratory system and can cause various fatal respiratory diseases, for which there is no cure. For further information, see our Health Risks page.

With over 3000 asbestos products, there is a high possibility of asbestos being present in properties built before the year 2000. For further information, see our Asbestos in Buildings page.

Homeowners and Home Buyers

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STONE ASBESTOS LTD are an independent asbestos consultancy and our aim is to:

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  • Provide an unrivalled level of service to our customers
  • Produce comprehensive asbestos reports and management plans

All our surveyors are competent and customer focused to provide an exceptional service and experienced in surveying commercial, industrial and domestic premises.

STONE ASBESTOS LTD are members of the British Occupational Health Society, retain health & safety accreditation SSIP through Acclaim Accreditation and are members of Constructionline.

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